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. but members of the interim government appear to be divided over to do with the body. both the u.n. and the u.s. have weighed in. the u.n. is calling for an investigation and the u.s. is asking for a full accounting how he died. nato which launched the air strike which prevented georgia zaffy from escaping said it's going to end its operations here next weekend. celebrations are continuing through the weekend and hoping to buildup for tomorrow when the members here, the senior leaders of the transitional council will formally declare the liberation of libya. back to you. >> thank you. the death of gaddafi could speed up the return home of baltimore journalist van dyke. his mom said matthew went to libya to witness history and ended up in prison and then fighting alongside the rebels. we are live in federal hill with more. >> van dyke's mother said he is doing well and could be back home here in federal hill in the next couple of weeks or so. not long after gaddafi was killed by rebel forces, she was on the phone. >> i asked him what was going on and i could hear gunfire and shooting into the ai
the particular model in use in 2008. the problem started in 2010. police spokesman said the problem with the dance magazine surfaced at first. a problem that prevented the magazine from falling free when a trooper needed to reload. >> this is important in police combat situations. >> then returned the now refurbished plants to trippers over the past year. >> there were a couple of other issues that developed as this process was going on. >> the plant at the bottom of the magazine caused the next problem. trippers did firearms training. >> the base plate was coming off and causing all the rounds to fall out of the magazine emptying the weapon. >> not what you want to be happening if you are in the heat of the moment. >> that certainly is not what you want happening in a combat situation. >> operetta created a fix, but a few weeks ago another problem surfaced when the guns used by the swat team and malfunctioned again while training. that issue remains under review. is a familiar story, he says reliability problems caused him to ditch the bread the and switch to another manufacturer.
from those who use mass transit to goods and it services including food it trucking. why not use some of those toll increases that are going into the fact to offset some of those projects? >> today steny hoyer testified in federal court in the bribery trial of the state senator bribery trial. >> senator's defense team -- steny hoyer described center core as an organized person. >> defense lawyers for center core only called a handful of witnesses. the first of the day was the first entertaining -- the most entertaining. he took the stand to defend curry be called a good friend. his testimony last 15 minutes. the two back in the 1980's and ended up running on the same ticket for a number of elections during their political careers. when asked about what kind of steny senator curry was, hoyer said he is a good and decent person. organization was not his strong points. steny hoyer was asked about several state committees he had once served on that senator curry served on at a later date. he seemed to reiterate his feelings saying and he did not pay attention to details. he did pay atten
meetings he had -- mid 1990's showing several meetings. lowell melser, wbal-tv 11 news. >> stay with us. more ahead. >> not leading the quite as much celebration as you might think following the win over the texans. we tell you my leader in sports. >> the reddick festival may be over but the marathon coverage continues -- teh running festival may be over. results and your photos on ulocal all on >> a terrific day today but stormy weather out there. mostly sunny skies as the look over the city, 67 at the airport, downtown 73. >> funeral services or halted for patricia modell and rob roblin has the details. >> actress, wife, mother, and friend. friends and family came to date paid respect for pat modell. married in 1969 and give up her acting career to devote herself to her family and community. "she cared about this state, this city, and about children. >> they cared about the people in the community and they devoted a big part of their lives to being charitable. quads for current and former members of the ravens, pat was a special lady. >> she made it different. you
and a longtime patrons of this historic tavern. lowell melser joins us live in mount washington tonight. >> yes, as we told you at 5:00, it still remains an active scene out here on mount washington, more than 13 hours after this fire. you can see that it is still smoldering. there is one firetruck on the scene that continues to put out hotspots. where you see that smoke is where we saw the worst flames earlier today. i spoke with one of the owners here at the tavern, and he says that because -- despite the fact the restaurant is an entire loss, they will rebuild. >> it is a worse nightmare. i live about half a mile away, and i drove here as fast as i could. it was a blur. my heart was racing, and i did not know what to expect, and i found the worst. >> he stands in front of the charge out shell of his pride and joy. out >> we still want to take care of our employees, and to our customers, to some of them, this is like a second home. getting involved with their families. it is a devastating thing on many levels. >> a crowd of shellshocked patrons and area business owners came to take
collins is following that trial and joins us from the federal courthouse downtown. >> a cross-examination sparring match raising eyebrows and laughter in the courtroom. >> the former vp of super-value says he became curious about senator kerry's role following a meeting regarding his interests. senator kerry arranged for former transportation secretary robert flanagan to be there. there is a transportation issue regarding shoppers potentially moving to a different location. they needed state and local financing in order to go forward. it was more than a politician and cooking constituents. did he seem uncomfortable? he said yes. the secretary's expression and body language said something is wrong. he said the meeting prompted him to return to another executive to ask what was going on. the co-defendants said, "he is on the payroll." he had no idea what he was being paid. the defense attorney tried to diffuse the comments by pointing out that he may have been troubled by his relationships but continue to work with him for another 11 months. on the defense questioned his motivat
conversations. gary sims is live with the latest. >> without a body, prosecutors are using all kinds of evidence including text messages. are trying to prove the case against jason gross. >> trying to cooperate with investigators, he talks to detectives. this is the initial videotaped interview as police began their investigation into the disappearance of rochelle battle. he admits to talking to battle on the phone. he planned to meet her on march 6 boomers bar. that is not far from his home. he said she never iraq. he had a couple of beers and walked to his house. prosecutors are relying on technology, phone records, surveillance video, and his own words to prove that he picked her up at a bus stop, took her to his house, killed her, and burn her body in an incinerator. jurors got to see a tax to sent to his friend. he said, i had seen the friday night if asked. i will explain later. i need you to tell them you had a drink with me around 845 or so at boom booms. >> if you days later, he agreed to wear a wire. >> jurors heard the gross discuss the investigation. >> she was under age. that is wha
messages between them. he uses a facebook profile under the name brayden clark. there may be more victims. if you have information, contact police. the search continues for a man accused of raping a 13-year-old girl. police released a sketch. detectives are reviewing surveillance video along the 800 block of north carolina street, where the victim says she was forced into a vacant home and attacked. anyone with information should call macro crimestoppers. -- metro crimestoppers. >> police are investigating a stemming. a 23-year-old woman was taken into custody for stabbing her boyfriend. this was in the 300 block of lord byron land. the victim was taken to sinai hospital with non life- threatening injuries. his girlfriend is being held on $25,000 bail. montgomery county may pursue the death penalty against a man charged with killing his estranged wife. curtis lopez is also expected in the death of his stepson, whose body was found in a wooded area yesterday. his mother was found beaten and stabbed to death in germantown. an autopsy is being done to determine how william mclean died. >> st
security would be in place in various parking lot as they head for home. several employees spoke to us over the phone and asked not to be identified. one employee said he was not aware of the lock down mentally checked his e-mail. another said she was aware of the lock down. police say the victim is recovering at sinai hospital with non-life threatening injuries. as far as the suspect is concerned, descriptions of the suspect are just too vague. police are asking with anyone -- asking anyone with information to call 911 immediately. >> strong testimony today the corruption trial of state senator ulysses carry damaso -- ulysses currie. a former secretary of transportation accuses him of lying and misusing his position. >> prosecutors did introduce strong evidence and solicited damaging testimony, but defense attorneys managed to neutralize much of it. in the winter of 2003, shoppers food warehouse considered moving into this space occupied at the montgomery mall. court testimony indicates that senator kerrey was working for them as a consultant. he wanted to discuss the move. flanigan, now i
rights. >> in washington, the rev. al sharpton joined the ranks of the protesters. >> it is time for us to occupy wall street, washington, alabama. we have come to take our country back to the people. >> the message was the same in columbia, south carolina. >> i would love to get a job. >> the latest polls show the protesters are not alone. 37% of americans support the cause. >> we are calling on people everywhere. >> where the protests began, they say they're doing a lot more than making noise. they are trying to change the world. until they do, they say they're not going anywhere. >> demonstrators in baltimore rallied on the streets downtown today. kim dacey is live with more on the organization that joined the protesters today. >> four weeks, protesters have been lining the streets of downtown baltimore. they continue this evening. several groups are coming together for the same cause. the protesters have been camped in downtown baltimore for nearly two weeks. >> there is a lot of weight and frustration and anger out there that is not articulated. people are starting to articulate. >
begins. in areas more accustomed to raking leaves in october. >> mother nature played a trick on us. a train that left as many as 3 million in the dark. -- a trick that left as many as 3 million in the dark. some could remain without power for as long as one week. snow smashed records as it moved north. they have not seen measurable snow since 1952. there was nearly 1 inch in central park. the snow also tied up air travel. passengers on a jet blew flight waited seven hours on the plane before -- jet blue on the plane. as the cleanup continues and the frost starts to melt off of the pumpkins, winter is still more than six weeks away. >> the deep freeze made for some slippery road conditions here in baltimore this morning. this accident just one of many due to icy roads. an suv slammed into a pole. no word on injuries. now let's check in with john collins. >> temperature is below the average for the season. we just made it into the 50's. at the airport, it is 48 and 53 downtown. a large spread downtown. overnight, temperatures drop considerably. we will be down near freezing. freeze w
click on the linked"africa's maryland." >> stay with us. >> how the speed camera and get up in the shape and on the floor. we'll have the story coming up. >> officer city camera was ripped from the base and a director a field. the camera was in the 7400 block of north point boulevard right in front ofsparrows point high school. >> this is what was left of the speed camera in front of sparrows point high school. it was yanked out of the ground by a person to accommodate change to it and pulled away. it's it's here in the north point district. police want to know if you know who did it. out in front of sparrows point high school in the 7400 block of north point boulevard is a stub of what is left of a speed camera that was ripped out of the ground. the poll and camera itself set on the floor as evidence of the baltimore county north precinct. police say tuesday night just before 11:00, two juveniles and adults tied a change to the poll and ripped it out of the ground and sped off. >> the vehicle drove across one of the loss over at sparrows point high school and left the scene. >> one day
is 200 -- $110. the law does not apply to people who text 911 or use gps devices. >> i am not naive enough to think people will stop this, but it helps. we need to create awareness every day. we need to create education campaigns that will change the culture in the united states. >> several other laws also took effect in maryland at midnight. for a complete list, visit one person is dead after an accident on interstate 83. it happened around 1:45 this morning on the northbound lanes in hunt valley. two vehicles were involved. there is no word if anyone was injured. the accident remains under investigation. water restrictions have been lifted after a water pumping station lost power. dpw officials say lost power and affected more than one murder 50 customers. they were urged to consult -- conserve water. we were told it was restored around 2:00 this afternoon. after a brief flirtation yesterday, it now appears the sun is gone for good. just like every boy i love in seventh grade. lowell melser is in the weather center tonight. >> i would not say it is gone for good. we di
dead on his front lawn yesterday morning. they are not telling us exactly how he died, only confirming that this was a homicide. >> we are not releasing information about his injuries because this is an open investigation and we don't want to compromise that. the death has been ruled a homicide. >> baltimore county police say they are baffled. they want you to take a good look at this photograph of 55- year-old ronald thomas gibbons. they tell investigators that have no idea how he ended up dead on his front lawn in woodlawn tuesday morning at around 7:00. normally with a homicide investigation, police will release the cause of death to the media, but in this case, that information is being withheld. woomore road -- neighbors described as a quiet neighborhood and say a murder is very out of the ordinary. the same never the samegivens was a buried -- the same neighbors say that givens was a very nice man who is taking care of his 96-year-old mother. investigators are not releasing much information, they say simply because they do not have it. they are turning to the public for help. >>
-degree murder. prosecutors are using gps tracking to prove that he met with her, i've got her to his house, killed her, and then burned her body in an incinerator. the prosecutor's assistant told jurors that people do not vanish without a trace. he thought he committed the perfect crime. two things he did not count on, technology and her family that would not let her disappear. >> speculation, -- the defense attorney said there was speculation and conjecture. he claimed there was no proof that michele battle is dead. there is nobody. no proof that jason grow committed murder. there is no forensic evidence, nothing. late thursday afternoon to my jurors watched the interview with jason roose, in which he says the first time he talked to michelle battle was the day she died. he said the last time he talked where she was taking a bus on her way to meet him. he was supposed to meet her at a bar near his home. he said she never showed up. >> he told police that he wanted to meet her in a public place just in case she was a juvenile. she said she had told him she was in your 20's. -- in her 20's.
out the first one, she used it as a model for subsequent ones. she told the jury that she never intended to hide anything, and her husband never asked her to. she stated she misinterpreted the questions. testimony also revealed that she was a consultant for marlow furniture. she got paid $4,000 for helping the company with job fairs. according to his tax return, he got paid $11,750. the nature of the work was not disclosed. prosecutors asked if she knew whether her husband received money for introducing legislation that benefited the company or if she could explain unemployment compensation. she said no. when she first arrived in court, she said she was married a blissful 26 years after meeting at a bible study group. she said there before prostate cancer affected his memory. she said they would go places and he did not know how to get back. she said her husband play chess every day to strengthen his memory. she was asked about his honesty and integrity. prosecutors reminded the jury that it was senator currie's responsibility, not his wife, to make sure those disclosure forms w
surroundings. be cautious aquino -- if you notice but anything suspicious. pick the phone up and call us. it may be that a little detail that would be very important to west. >> the ban is described as a black commercial van with a black bumpers, tinted windows, no back window or driver's side rear window. no description of the suspect because it was dark out. the front windows are tinted, so police are hoping anyone with information will call the harford county sheriff's office. reporting live in harford county, wbal-tv and avenues. >> jury selection began today in the brutal murder of a yoga store employee inside the lululemon store in bethesda. the trial will last about eight days. >> jurors got a look at the alleged confession of walter bishop in a murder for hire scheme. barry seems -- barry simms is live from bel-air. >> and in the interview, walter bishop cried and said he does not want to go to jail. his defense team wonders if he knew that by making a statement he could possibly get the death penalty. baltimore county detectives interviewed walter bishop, jr., accused of being t
had been using tar and gasoline to paint tires at the shop. they got into an argument over a paintbrush being used. the paint brush caught fire along with the tar and gasoline mixture they had been painting . witnesses claimed that he pulled out all lighter and everything -- lighter and everything caught fire. the fire escalated to three alarms, boeing thick plumes of smoke that could be seen first for miles. it took hours to contain the flames which threatened a nearby gas station. tonight, jason hicks is still in place custody. >> his charges include first and second degree arson, assault, and reckless endangerment. >> baltimore county police are investigating a deadly accident in liberty road just after 1:00 this afternoon. to give your vehicles were involved, four people were treated for serious but not life-threatening injuries. if they are also investigating a deadly crash and altars after a man crashed his motorcycle into a tractor trailer. he lost control and rear-ended the truck. he was rushed to shock trauma were he later died. police believe that speed was a fact
, the employment picture shows that the state was the economy is still struggling to grow. david collins joins us live in the studio. >> economists like to look at trends. although the recovery remains sluggish, one expert believes that the state goes the economy is trending in the right direction. >> money for jobs and education! >> it inched up to 7.4% in september. state labor officials say that overall, trans with regard to economic recovery have been steady in the right direction. one local economist agrees. >> is marilyn's economy treading in the right direction? >> i believe so. in terms of the area of growth, i still seek strength in our i.t. sector, health sector, education sector. >> according to latest numbers, they added non-farm jobs in september. 4000 of them resulted in striking rise in workers' going back to work. >> at this point, we are not a manufacturing state. we are a very service oriented state. >> compared to this time last year, the social service industry hired the most people. jobs could be found and office parks and fields of management of companies followed by wholesa
of pennington ave. police say killer used a hatchett to his body several times. according to court records, horton has been in and out of jail on several charges and was supposed to be under supervised probation in two counties in maryland. >> why was he allowed to leave the area? >> i will have to talk to detective about that. >> larry horton remains in custody in mobile, alabama. >> police are searching for the gun man that shot a man in milford mill. ernest bill bailes was found inside a vehicle on salt lake drive just after 11:00 p.m. last night. they say citizen discover the man after he was parked illegally. >> and a man is convicted of murder of a 16-year-old girl even though her body has never been found. >> it took the jury less than an hour and a half to find 36-year- old jason gross guilty of second-degree murder in the killing of 16-year-old rochelle battle. this is the second no-body murder conviction here in baltimore. cracks this family -- >> this family since 2006 has not known where their family member was. today, they got their first measure of closure. >> the prosecutor
. >> it is very frustrating for us. we rant about this senseless gun violence week after week. it is cases like this that get us very concerned and frustrated. >> the shooting happened just feet away from where steven pitcairn was stabbed and killed in 2010. just days ago, police say a student at johns hopkins was sexually assaulted off campus. back in august, a burglar broke into a home on guilford avenue and stabbed a man in the face to confronted him inside. >> any time this happens, it causes some alarm. >> towson carl stokes says thursday's shooting does raise concern, but for the most part, charles village is a safe area. >> by and large, this is a very safe area. the reason that an incident that happened a couple of times of year get so much attention is because it is infrequent that these incidents happened. >> residents seem to be taking the shooting in stride. >> i lived in this area for 11 years. crime is everywhere, so what can we do about it? >> i have been here for a long time, so i feel safe, i guess. >> councilman stokes says he is in the process of organizing a community meetin
joe hairston. the county executive told us last week he has no doubt they will make the right choice. >> and now we have a great school board right now, with some fresh faces. i know they are very interested in building on the progress we have made in the school system. i know they are very clear about their mission to be very open and transparent in how decisions are being made and to better accept public input before decisions are made. >> joe hairston is promising to go public later this week to talk about his progress, his future, and why he decided to step down. we also may know how soon they hope to have a new leader in place. tim tooten, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a rather bizarre twist today in the case of a woman attacked with bleach in a baltimore county walmart. today the suspect made her first appearance in court. barry simms joins us live with more on the proceedings and some surprise support for the suspect today. >> that support comes from the parents of one of the alleged victims. theresa jefferson's bill remains at $350,000. prosecutors say she victimized the father of her
and the gunman remains at large. president obama says u.s. troops will be out of iraq by the holidays and the political criticism from g.o.p. presidential hopefuls over the pullout is just getting started. brian mooar is in washington with that story. >> the g.o.p. presidential candidates may not agree on much, but they are joining in their criticism of president obama's decision to pull american forces out of iraq. >> the last thing that you want to do is put those men and women's lives in peril. i think that is what the president has done. >> this decision seems to me that it was more politically based than military-based. >> we're leaving behind a situation where iran has dramatically grown in influence in that country. >> he expects to have a close relationship with iraq. >> i don't think there is going to be any change. we have a special relationship with iraq. >> while u.s. troops are expected to be out by the holidays, secretary of state clinton says the united states is not leaving iraq on its own. >> i hope that iran and no one else miscalculates that. >> she says political c
was discovered in her home. lowell melser spoke with her family. >> baltimore city police tell us they have very little to golan after finding a 43-year-old woman beaten to death inside of this home in the 900 block of east 41st street. her family is obviously devastated over this murder. >> i am not sure as to what happened here or anything like that. all i know is that what did happen here, whoever did this needs to come forward and turn themselves in. >> per alex canty and the rest of his family, they are still coming to grips with the death of his wife, who was found dead monday in her home in the 900 block of east 41st street. >> i got a call from my son and law saying that my grandson had called and told him that she was dead. >> police say was around 5:30 monday evening when they got the 911 call. montgomery canty was found with severe trauma to her head and would end up dying on the scene. neighbors told police she ran a small candy store out of her home for the children in the neighborhood, but police are not sure of a motive because there was no sign of forced entry. >> it appears ther
. it is getting closer. the nearest rains to us are in georgia right now. we have this storm out to the west. it will be coming our way. the high pressure is producing some warm temperatures in the mississippi valley. that is getting closer. that has helped bring the temperature is up a bit. it looks threatening. i am not saying severe weather, but what weather will be here. 82 in minneapolis. international falls has been warmer than us in the overnight hours. our forecast overnight tonight, not quite as chilly as tonight. clear skies and a patch of fog. northeast winds tomorrow. they will be light. 79-83 for the high. let's take a look at the insta- weather plus seven-day forecast. 77 on tuesday. it should stay rain free on the day -- during the day on tuesday. thursday, the rain chances go up. on wednesday, just into the 70's. on friday, most of it should be gone. >> thank you. some ravens fans met some former kohl's greats -- colts greats. they signed autographs for fans and shared memories of the colts glory days here in baltimore. >> it is amazing how the baltimore colts fans have stuck
games of the season. >> it is pretty organized. >> it is part of the time we live in now. if it keeps us safe, so be it. >> authorities at the stadium refused to comment on the security measures. >> pete will join us live in little later for more on today's game. you could not have asked for better football weather today. >> you can see some rain on the radar off to the north. there is even a bit of thunderstorm activity in pennsylvania. that line of rain is drifting east. it is also sagging south. there is some activity of to the west of us. mid-week, something more significant is headed our way. a lot to talk about for the week ahead weather. i will have it all in just a few minutes. >> a special session of the maryland general assembly convenes tomorrow. governor martin o'malley unveiled his redistricting map. the boundaries are based on the latest census. the proposal has generated a lot of complaints. >> has everyone recorded their presence? >> a special says in -- session has been conveyed to tackle the redistricting. there are changes based on the 2010 census. this is what the gov
was willing to work with us on most occasions and it was valuable in that regard, friendly." ehrlich recalled a campaign event in 2002 when the senator passed out. it happened on a hot day in an open field when ehrlich was making an announcement on a transportation issue. he said the senator had to be taken to the hospital. the defense has brought up a number of health issues. when the defense -- when ehrlich was asked about whether he was honest, he said he had always been honest when dealing with him. when asked about his integrity, he said he had always acted with integrity when dealing with him. he also said that a republican governor was unusual and he was looking for friends. prosecutors only have one question for the former governor. did you know that senator ulysses currie was a paid consultant for shoppers? ehrlich replied, no, i did not. >> he said he had little contact with him when he was elected to congress, but when he turned -- returned as governor, he thought he had aged. the defense tried to steer him away when talking about political clashes with the senator. closing argumen
a secret. david collins is following this trial and he joins us live with the latest. >> as they get closer to wrapping up their case, prosecutors called a wide variety of witnesses today. prosecutors presented evidence designed to show how shoppers stretch the boundaries of its consulting agreement with state senator ulysses currie. former shoppers executive says yes, he was told that he was hired to help navigate state bureaucracy. he introduced himself in the parking lot of shoppers corporate offices. you want to discuss a budget item with the senator that the data-financial impact. he told the jury, occur is suggested you setup a meeting with them, for the office of the shoppers executive. that executive is one of curry's co-defendants. he testified that he became more uncomfortable with the relationship at 3 got an e-mail detail in a 2005 indictment of the rhode island senator that worked as a consultant. he says he asked mr. small whether the meeting was ok. he says the question was initially ignored. then he told him that shoppers relationship ulysses currie was cleared by legal. the
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